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Welcome to the EveryDayMatters podcast, a show from Netsmart

EveryDayMatters is about the opportunity we have to make a difference. Our collective cause-connected mission is about impacting healthcare in meaningful ways.

We seek to provide a place to share stories about the progress being made, how to overcome challenges, and ideas to inspire. Each conversation is about the work being done and the opportunity before us. Whether it’s about advocacy, awareness, or challenging stigmas we know that together anything and everything is possible.

Let’s get into the show where we learn from yesterday, in pursuit of tomorrow, here we all work to ensure EveryDayMatters!

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Episode 4: How Trauma-Informed Care Can Help Heal Our Communities

No matter how big or small – nearly everybody has experienced trauma at some point in their life. With social determinants like equity, vocation, access to food and so many more, no two stories will look the same. This is where trauma-informed care comes into play. Focused on coping skills …
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Episode 3: Creating Connection in a Digital World

As technology advances each day, our society is using digital devices more and more in their daily lives. While many connections are being made across social media channels, text messaging, video game chat rooms and beyond, our relationships off screen have taken the back seat. In fact, National surveys have …
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Episode 2: Creating a Better Community – Ending the Cycle of Incarceration

The United States recidivism rate continues to be a major flaw in our nation’s criminal justice system. How can we help formerly incarcerated individuals and their families overcome obstacles and end the cycle of incarceration for a better future? By connecting impacted individuals and their family members to resources, support, …
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Welcome to the EDM Podcast

In this introductory episode, Tom Herzog, Chief Operating Officer, speaks with two co-workers at Netsmart: Wendy Hill, Chief People Officer, and Julie Hiett, Senior Director of Population Health, about making a difference day-to-day and the importance of mental health.
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