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EveryDayMatters is about the opportunity we have to make a difference. Our collective caused-connected mission is about impacting healthcare in meaningful ways.

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Taking Action for Student Mental Wellness

Blue Valley School District middle school and high school coaches and sponsors unite to take part in the largest Mental Health First Aid training event conducted in the Kansas


We seek to provide a place to share stories about the progress being made, how to overcome challenges, and ideas to inspire.

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Our Shield

Our logo is a shield of compassion designed to share the story of what it means to be #CauseConnected. The colors represent how every day matters for people, by people.

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by having a voice and eliminating stigmas through education and encouragement



our words and intent through assisting in areas of need by providing time and resources

We seek to provide a place to share stories about the progress being made, how to overcome challenges, and ideas to inspire.

Each conversation is about the work being done and the opportunity before us. Whether it’s about advocacy, awareness, or challenging stigmas we know that together anything and everything is possible.

Here are 10 things you can do right here, right now to

Ask someone how they are and actively listen

Pay it forward – #BetterTogether

Organize a group to volunteer together or be a participant in giving back to your community

Call someone just because

Unplug and take a technology break

Become Mental Health First Aid and QPR certified

Schedule some quiet time, a walk or yoga

Be kind and intentional

Offer help to others and be willing to accept help as well

Smile and express gratitude, we’re #InThisTogether

EveryDayMatters is a Netsmart official 501c3 non-profit organization. The EveryDayMatters foundation is for those who are connected to the cause of erasing the stigma surrounding mental health. We hope to provide a place for all of us to share our unique story, regardless of community or background. Our hope is to inspire, enlighten, spark curiosity, eliminate barriers and celebrate awareness.


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Join us in stomping out the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Share Your Story

Please share with us what you’re passionate about and how you make EveryDayMatter.

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